Ahmad Fakhri Alhimairi
Dr. Ahmad Fakhri Alhimairi
Non-Invasive Cardiologist

Dr. Ahmad Alhimairi is a specialist cardiologist trained in highly specialized tertiary cardiac centers in UK and Iraq. He is based in Dubai, where he has worked for eight years in Dubai Heart Center-Dubai Hospital before joining the team of physicians in CSH.


Yahya Kiwan
Dr. Yahya Kiwan
Senior Consultant in Clinical and Interventional Cardiology

Dr. Yahya Kiwan is a consultant in interventional cardiology, trained in reputed medical centers in UK, Australia and New Zeeland. He is now based in UAE after 35 years of practicing clinical non-invasive and invasive cardiology in Middle East, UK, Australia and New Zeeland. Dr. Yahya, scientist, lecturer and author of a practical book on interventional cardiology procedures, has extended his interests also in pediatric cardiology.



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