Hayder Matouk
Dr. Hayder Matouk
HOD, Consultant Intensivist

Dr Hayder Matouk is a critical care Consultant , graduated from the Medical College, Baghdad University -IRAQ, He is specialized in internal medicine as he is a member in the Royal College Of Physicians and he is specialized in critical care medicine from the European intensive care society.


Fatima Habes
Dr. Fatima Habes
ICU Registrar

Dr. Fatima Habes is ICU Registrar who graduated from Constantine - University - ALGERIA, she completed her MD in general medicine at university hospital of Constantine Then worked as family physician.


Moroog Soliman
Dr. Moroog Soliman
ICU Registrar

Dr Moroog Soliman is ICU registrar who graduated from faculty of medicine Alexandria University -Egypt 2006 and then she completed her master degree in critical care medicine faculty of medicine Alexandria Egypt 2015.


Fatemeh Fallah Rajabzadeh
Dr. Fatemeh Fallah Rajabzadeh
CCU Registrar

Dr. Fatemeh Fallah Rajabzadeh is CCU registrar who graduated from faculty of medicine Science, Islamic Azad University, Tehran-2001 and certified in Doctoral Degree in Medicine (M.D) in 2001


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