Amr Farag
Dr. Amr Farag
Specialist Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dr. Amr Farag is a specialist physical medicine and rehabilitation (Physiatrist) who graduated from Ain Shams university in Egypt in 2003. He completed his specialization at Department of physical medicine and rehabilitation (Ain Shams University hospital) in 2007 then was assigned as assistant lecturer in Ain Shams university. He has over 10 years experience as a specialist in multi-specialty hospitals and rehabilitation center in Egypt, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates.


Radwa Gabr
Dr. Radwa Gabr
Specialist Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dr Radwa Gabr is a Physiatrist who graduated from Alexandria University - Egypt, She completed her specialization in Physical medicine and rehabilitation at Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University in 2012, Her main areas of expertise is in Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Neurological Rehabilitation, Cardiac rehabilitation as well as After-Delivery Rehabilitation (Post-natal Rehab).


Felix Bieker
Mr. Felix Bieker
Senior Physiotherapist Supervisor

Felix Bieker is a physiotherapist from Mainz, Germany. In Canadian Specialist Hospital he is training and leading colleagues as well as managing both the stationary inpatient rehabilitation and the outpatient clinic. He is highly experienced in manual therapy (Maitland) and has his expertise not only in examining and treating orthopaedic patients and sports related injuries but also in neurological cases. Being inquisitive for knowledge, Felix's incentive is to refine his skills by attending trainings continuously.


Vera Maier
Ms. Vera Maier
Physiotherapist supervisor

Ms. Vera is a physiotherapist who graduated in Konstanz, Germany. In Canadian Specialist Hospital she is managing the inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. She is highly experienced in Manual Therapy. She is experienced not only with orthopedic cases furthermore also in sports related injuries, post partum physiotherapy and neurological cases. On a regular basis she attends courses to refine and force up her skills.


Veena Balu
Ms. Veena Balu
Occupational Therapist

Ms. Veena Balu is a Occupational Therapist specialized in Neuro Developmental Therapy - Adult/ Pediatric, Traumatic Brain Injury & Oncology, Spine Injury Rehabilitation, Acute Stroke Rehabilitation, Cognitive Retraining, Sensory Integration Assessment & Intervention, Developmental Therapy, Play Therapy, Ergonomics, Hand Rehabilitation, Wheel chair Assessment, Prescription & Training, Assistive & Adaptive Equipment Training


Paolo Cellocco
Dr. Paolo Cellocco
HOD, Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Paolo Cellocco main activity has been focused on both clinical and research fields for more than 15 years experience in orthopaedic surgery. His experience has been based on University hospitals, Community hospitals, and private practice as well, in Rome area, Italy.


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