Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

"Be treated by qualified hands"

The Rehabilitation Department at Canadian Specialist Hospital brought a team of specialists together in order to satisfy all this needs for a successful rehabilitation treatment for the following indications:

The Rehabilitation Department provides a total of 48 beds in luxurious rooms and comfortable ambience for its medium and long period inpatient services in addition to its outpatient and day case services.

Services provided:

1 - Orthopaedic Rehabilitation:

Rehabilitation after:

  1. Sport injuries
  2. Arthritis and joint pain
  3. Knee/ Hip Replacement
  4. Disc Problems
  5. Scoliosis
  6. Back Pain
  7. joint Arthroscopy
  8. Fracture fixation surgeries or cast

2 - Neurological Rehabilitation:

Rehabilitation after:

  1. Stroke
  2. Trauma
  3. Parkinson's Disease
  4. Multiple Sclerosis
  5. Peripheral neuropathies

3 - Cardiac Rehabilitation:

Rehabilitation after:

  1. Myocardial Infarction
  2. Stable Angina Pectoris
  3. Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery
  4. Heart Valve Repair or Replacement
  5. Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty
  6. Heart Transplantation or Heart-Lung Transplantation
  7. Controlled Heart Failure

4 - Oncological Rehabilitation:

Rehabilitation after:

  1. Lymphedema
  2. Cancer Fatigue
  3. Depression
  4. Gain/Loss in Weight

5 - Metabolic Rehabilitation:

Rehabilitation after:

  1. Type-1 or Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus
  2. Metabolic Syndrome
  3. Obesity
  4. Overweight
  5. Lipid Metabolic Disorders


Available physiotherapy treatment:

  1. Manual therapy ( manipulation, mobilisation, soft tissue release)
  2. Shock wave therapy
  3. Laser
  4. Locomotion system
  5. Proprioceptive posture and balance therapy (Posturomed)
  6. Electrotherapy (TENS, interferential treatment, light therapy and electromagnetic therapy)
  7. Heat therapy ( infrared therapy, hot packs)
  8. Manual lymphatic drainage
  9. Cryo therapy
  10. Ultrasound therapy
  11. Sports Kinesio taping
  12. Therapeutic exercises ( Range of motion, stretching, strengthening and PNF) and patient education
  13. Well equipped gymnasium with wide range of equipment such as treadmill, stationary bikes, weights and others.

Occupational Therapy Unit:

The Occupational Therapy Unit handles all paediatrics & adult patients in helping them to improve their occupation, functional abilities, activities of daily living and self-care; whether you are recovering from an injury or accident, orthopaedic problems, developmental disabilities, illness or neurological problems

OT aims to "re-integrate people into their community as an asset not a liability" by breaking down activities to achievable goals. We look forward innurturingthe highest level of independence in patients as swiftly as possible.

Our goal is to help you live life to its fullest !!!

1 - Areas of OT in children's:

  1. Autism
  2. Learning disability
  3. ADHA
  4. Sensory Processing Disorder
  5. Cerebral Palsy
  6. Developmental Delays
  7. Downs Syndrome
  8. Mental Retardation
  9. Seizure Disorders
  10. Chromosomal Disorders
  11. Club Foot

2 - Areas of OT in Ortho & Neuro:

  1. Traumatic Brain Injury
  2. Stroke
  3. Cognitive Perceptual problems
  4. Neuro Muscular Disorders
  5. Spinal Cord Injury
  6. Work related Injury
  7. Hand Deformities and Tendon Injuries
  8. Gait and postural Abnormalities

3 - Other Services:

  1. Early Intervention
  2. Sensory Integration Therapy
  3. Individual Education Program
  4. ADL Training
  5. Sensory re-training
  6. Hand Function Training
  7. Balance and Co-ordination Training
  8. Restore or improve Physical Abilities
  9. Evidence- Based techniques&Client centred Practice
  10. Education and Training of patients and their family.



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